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Embracing opportunities and abundance

Coaching helps you develop ideas, envision solutions, try new strategies, practice new skills, venture down new paths. Three to five sessions of 60 minutes each are often enough to

create a vision

  • reflect on ideas with the coach
  • lay the foundation for happiness both at home and in the work place
  • find out which pace is most suitable for the change you envision

define goals

  • identify potential, and tap into it
  • use time wisely

set priorities

  • explore ways to find the time for the truly important stuff
  • learn how to plan
  • let go of the idea of being the perfect co-worker/boss/parent

Identify your present state – Imagine a desired state

  • This is what I want and I do have it.

    Time to celebrate.

  • This is what I want. I don’t have it, though.

    How do I get there, or does this desired state really matter to me?

  • I don’t want this. Yet I have it in my life.

    Oops, how did it happen? Let’s get out of here.

  • I don’t want this and I don’t have this in my life.