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COACHING WORKS – In order to see clearly,
sometimes you just need to change the perspective.

Meet the Coach: Hetta Witt

For over 14 years I have been working with clients who want change or need to respond to change -- both in their private lives and in their work lives.

I began my journey as a professional life coach in the year 2000. After four years in Indonesia, I had relocated back to Germany. My search for the ideal job led me to the field of business and life coaching.

Over the next two years I immersed myself into rigorous training:

  • I completed 1,000 hours of course work in the field of coaching.
  • I studied the various schools and approaches.
  • I completed substantial practical work as a coach.

Since then, I have continued to work with clients of varied backgrounds – both in and out of the classroom. In 2014 I started working at the Institute for Teacher Training in Hamburg, where I lead modules and workshop on conflict resolution, nonviolent communication, time management, and work life balance.

I am fluent in several languages, so I can offer coaching sessions in English, French, and German. I am happily married. My husband and I help each other with work-life balance, at our home in Hamburg, Germany.

Meet three of Hetta’s greatest influences in coaching: Robert Dilts; Robert McDonald, DD; and Marshall M. Rosenberg, PhD

In 2006 I participated in the International Intensive Training in Nonviolent Communication with Marshall M. Rosenberg, PhD. In this ten-day workshop Rosenberg – founder and educational director of the Center for Nonviolent Communication – taught participants a valuable lesson: Take your time, especially when you are under pressure in complex situations.

I learned a similar lesson from Robert Dilts and Robert McDonald – experts in the field of neurolinguistic programming. Both have inspired me with their presence and mindfulness. With them, I learned that playfulness can be even more effective than hard work. It can reveal new ways to resolve conflict and build a life that is more joyful and meaningful. In other words: Coaching can be fun!

More on Hetta

A fascination with communication and languages has filled my life with discovery, fun, and knowledge. Before entering grad school, I spent a year working in France. After earning degrees in English and French from Freiburg University, I started my teaching career not in Germany, but rather at a senior high school in California. Later I taught foreign languages in Indonesia and Peru for several years.

You may have noticed by now that I especially love to travel. Oceans and rain forests exert a powerful pull on me. The Amazonian rain forests offer lush green, smooth warmth, and the slow flow of the river. Everything slows down there. Likewise, the infinite water of the ocean can soothe and reassure. As a SCUBA diver with Rescue Diver certification I enjoy the quiet underwater world – buoyancy included.

For travel within the mind, novels provide valuable maps for life. I enjoy events where the creators of these books read aloud from their works. These authors have helped draw the maps in my mind: Paul Auster, Jonathan Safran Foer, John Green, Siri Hustvedt, and Richard Powers. In Peru I was fortunate to discover novels and stories by Latin-American writers such as Peru’s Nobel Prize Winner Vargas Llosa, and the writers Cortazar and Fuentes, among many others.

Hetta Witt